Top Food Experiences in Myrtle Beach, SC

At the Lauderdale Bay Estates, not only does it have some of the best weather for walking around the picturesque neighborhoods of Withers Park and The Dunes, it also has numerous mouth-watering food options for anyone within reach. From some of the best steaks on the East coast at Thoroughbred Chophouse to hand pulled taffy and confectionaries at I LOVE SUGAR, and some of the best chicken in Myrtle Beach at Sun City Café the Lauderdale Bay Estates are the perfect spot for any foodie.

Top Steak Dinner

Thoroughbred Chophouse is a lux-themed space with elevated dishes that are delightful and curious in their composition of flavors. For nearly 30 years, Thoroughbreds Chophouse & Seafood Grille has been widely considered by locals and tourists alike to be the best fine dining restaurant in Myrtle Beach.

From the very beginnings of the Chophouse, all the food is locally sourced and prepared in a manner that is unlike any other restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC.. The lavish, yet comfortable, space is a place for all food-lovers to come and enjoy a hand-crafted experience within a short drive from the Estates.

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Sweet Tooth Fever

Sugary, blissful bites of chewy, fruity taffy are not the only sweet treat that can be found within a few miles of the Estates; chocolates, candy bars, and other tasty confectionaries are located at I LOVE SUGAR near the SkyWheel and Pier 14. Walls of jellybeans in every hue that you could ever imagine line a massive display inside with the freedom to get as many, or few, as you want.

The store is full of fun, wonderful shades of reds, oranges, yellows, and all colors of the rainbow and is certainly going to excite the children of the family! They did not forget about the chocolate lovers either. The shop is home to its very own Hershey’s Ice Cream Parlor; perfect way to cool down from the heat of a hot coastal day in the summer months! Overall, it is a small treasure that is right in the backyard of the Lauderdale Bay Estates.

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Top Local Favorite

Quaint and vibrant are two words frequently used when describing the scene of Sun City Café. This café is minutes away from the Lauderdale Bay Estates and is the quintessential hub for locals, or even those trying to relax and get away from the bustle of the city. From fun drinks to delicious sandwiches, this café certainly has something to please every taste out there. The space is filled with an array of different colored lights and art pieces in a way that makes for a wonderfully comfortable, ever-changing experience. This is a place that is youthful and playful in design, which is certainly reflected in the dishes. Vegan tacos are a must-have: chicken has been braised for hours until it is fall-apart tender and is then placed on a bed of steaming rice, eventually smothered with a mouth-watering, creamy spinach sauce. Sun City Café is a stone-throw from the Lauderdale Bay Estates and is certainly a wonderful gem hidden right in Myrtle Beach that is loved by locals and tourists alike.