Things to Know Before Buying a House


Having that dream list with everything from the doorknobs to the finish of the floors is normal and there is certainly nothing wrong with it. However, there is a fine line between over-spending and splurging between wants and needs. Ultimately, you want a house that not only appeals aesthetically, but also exceeds your expectations and needs as a homeowner. For example, if you work from home, you will need a home office. If you have kids and they do not want to share a bedroom, you will want to buy a place that has a room for everyone. These are things that generally will not change over time when you are considering buying a house. Another thing to consider is that 34% of homeowners regretted not buying the larger house in the long run.  Thankfully, Native Home Realty is incredible when it comes to blending what you want and what you really need from a home that you will, perhaps, spend the rest of your life in. 

Know What Mortgage Works for You

 A conventional mortgage is a home loan that is not insured by the federal government and are good for the average buyer. Yet, the interest rates tend to be higher than those of government backed mortgages. On the other hand, jumbo mortgages are conventional types of mortgages that have non-conforming loan limits. This means they are great for luxury home buyers and are typically found in competitive real estate markets. With that said, government-insured mortgages are when a private lender issues the loan to the borrower and the government is the entity that guarantees the loan is protected against losses if the homeowner does not pay. Fixed-rate mortgages have a fixed that remains the same throughout the life of the loan and would be good for most homebuyers. A main advantage is that the borrower is protected from sudden increases in monthly payments if interest rates rise. Finally, an adjustable-rate mortgage is a type of mortgage that varies and changes throughout the course of the loan; the first rate is set below the market-rate on a comparable rate and the rate rises as time passes. But, as difficult as it can be to understand all the intricacies of buying a home, Native Home Realty makes it easy by breaking down what everything means when you come to view homes and really makes you feel well, at home. ation when purchasing a house is a very key step of the process.  

Style & Age

Taking this into consideration when purchasing a house is a very key step of the process. If you wanted to resell the house later, a model with newer furnishings and appliances tend to do much better than those which are older. However, that is not to say that older homes won’t sell because they certainly will; it just may not as high of a price in comparison. The style and layout of the home are additional things to think about when viewing different spaces. It is vital to keep the following questions in mind: Will I need extra space to grow into a family? Will I house frequent guests? Office space? Extra-curricular space? What purpose do I want my home to serve? Relaxing & spacious? Accommodating? Minimalistic?  All of these and more can drastically influence the house that will better serve your interests.