New Amusement Park Coming to Myrtle Beach 2021

funplex myrtle beach

A new attraction is making a home out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. One could easily claim the Grand Strand is known for its waterslides, drop-towers, and adrenaline-junkie thrills. While this is true, over the years many amusement gates have closed permanently. 

funplex myrtle beach construction

Fortunately, this is no worry for Funplex, the latest amusement addition set to open Spring of 2021. In a interview, Funplex CEO, Brian Williams, explained the financial sustainability implemented in the Myrtle Beach design. Unlike other Funplex facilities found in New Jersey, the Myrtle Beach location will be a tight-knit, outdoor layout nestled in a strategic location on 14th avenue ( Withers Drive and Ocean Avenue).


funplex myrtle beach

Funplex will feature seven attractions, a restaurant, walk-up bar, and many opportunities for family entertainment. The tallest-of-its-kind and first-ever in North America, the 360-view jet simulator ride, will makes its grand debut as the center focus of the park’s attraction.